To pass any exam it is necessary to prepare the exam correctly. If you do not make the right strategy then success does not get even after hard work. Today, under the preparatory preparatory for the exam, we are going to tell you about the preparation of bank clerk exams.


  • In addition to English, Reasoning, Maths and General Awareness, there are questions from computers.
  • Emphasize on spelling in English, writing sentences, strengthening grammar and vocabulary.
  • Understand Concepts well in Reasoning and practice again and again.
  • Remember the maths formula and solve the questions based on it
  • Read News Paper, Magazine for General Awareness and see the news. Make note of recent events.
  • Make sure to strengthen the computer’s basic well.

The bank’s job is a attractive job of the career. A large number of young want to join banks due to salaries and other benefits. The bank is recruited at many levels like bank clerk, bank PO and specialist officer. The difficulty level of questions asked in each exam is different, according to which the exam has to be prepared. Today we will learn about the preparation of bank clerks. In addition to English, Reasoning, Maths and General Awareness in the bank clerk paper, questions are also asked by the computer. Let’s know about every section today how to prepare it …

English Preparation (How to Prepare English for IBPS Clerk Exam?)

To solve the English section you must have a grammar and a glossary on the dictionary. Grammar is like a spinal cord for the English language. To clear English, You should have a strong hold of grammar. The grammar section contains active / passive voice, direct and indirect speeches, use of verbs and other basic questions related to grammar.

Raise Word Store:

Your vocabulary should be strengthened to prepare for IBPS exam. For this, by choosing words from different topic queries, you can strengthen your vocabulary. For this, you should use the habit of reading newspapers, magazines, and books. Apart from this, watch English channels and movies and listen to the news. Listen carefully to words and practice heap related questions.

Make good preparation of Spelling mistakes and sentences formation. Note the spelling of words for spelling mistakes and for Sentence formation, you will have to work hard to write and read paragraphs. Practice the English Mock Test regularly.

How to Prepare Reasoning for IBPS Clerk Exam?

For the preparation of the IBPS Clerk Reasoning, more attention should be given on analytical fielding. Keep in mind that the shortcut in this section will not help you. For this, you have to work hard and do it everyday.

In this section questions are asked about number series questioning, coding and decoding, statement and arguments, alphabet test, input and output, number ranking, comprehension reasoning, problem solving etc.

To bring good numbers in the exam, it is important to prepare a better strategy. Keep in mind that this is an important part of the IBPS clerk exam, so consider the first concept very well.

Preparation for General / Financial Awareness for IBPS Clerk Exam?

General Awareness is a section that gives a lot of scores and it takes too little time. There is no skill needed to solve this. To make a strong grip on General Awareness, you have to keep a close watch on everyday events. You should read daily newspapers, watch news channels, read magazines regularly, and note important events, it is much better. Questions ask about key events, marketing, awards and honors, sports, finance, agriculture, banking history, RBI work, banking conditions, Indian economy etc. for the last 6 months.

Preparation for the Quantitative Aptitude for IBPS Clerk Exam?

This is one of the toughest sections which is not easy to crack. There is no scope for speculation in this section. It also tests the students’ mathematical ability. Candidates should divide it between easy, scoring and time consuming questions.

Topics in IBPS Quantitative Aptitude include statistics analysis, number system, ratio, proportion, percentage, average, simplification, quadratic equation and many topics.

Computer Preparation (How to Prepare Computer for IBPS Clerk Exam?)

For the best performance in computer exams, focus on the computer history and general questions related to it. Focus on basic information of hardware and software with input and output devices. Work hard on questions related to basic information like MS Office and computer memory. Apart from this, it is also important to remember some keyboard shortcuts.

The topics discussed in this section will include Basic, Input and Output Devices of Computer, Shortcut, MS Excel, MS Power Point, Computer Shortcuts, Network Basic, Internet and Protocol Basic Information, Computer Generation etc.


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