• Admission process will start on December 15 and close on March 31
  • Directorate of Education has removed 11 points out of the 62 points list.
  • Academic session 2019-20 has also set the upper edge limit
  • Schools can not keep those Criteria which have been removed by the Directorate of Education on the order of the High Court.

Process of nursery admission starts on December 15. Let’s know 10 things related to it …

1. Schools must upload their Admission Criteria information to the website by December 14. Parent’s will have to fill school form through offline/ online By 7th January 2019 . All schools will release their first Admission List on 4th February.

2. The Directorate of Education has removed 11 points from the list of 62 points and has asked the teachers to bring them right Criteria instead.

3. Gender, children for adoption, twin children, qualifications or achievements of the parents (music, sports, national award winners etc), school transport, child status admission can not be included in the Criteria.

4. Criteria School website, Notice Board and Education Directorate must be in the website. Schools can not keep those Criteria, which has been removed by the Directorate of Education on the order of the High Court. Its list is given by Directorate of Education in his website. A monitoring committee will also be formed to ensure Criteria, whose chairman will be the Deputy Director of the District.

5. The upper age limit has been implemented since the Academic session 2019-20. According to the Director’s Circular, there should be at least 3 years for nursery, 4 years for KG and 5 years for Class 1. Also, upper age limit for nursery should be less than 4 years, less than 5 years for KG and less than 6 years (till 31st March) for Class 1.

6. The Directorate has said that the number of seats in the class according to the rule is the highest number of seats in these classes during the last three years, should not be less than that.

7. In this admissions process based on point system, schools will have to upload children’s information till 21st January. At the same time, up to 28th January, points will be uploaded on the basis of point-to-point system. All schools will release their first list on February 4. Along with this, they have to give a waiting list too.

8. From 5th to 12th of February, the parents can have their complaint or questions related to the first list from the school. The second Admission List, along with the waiting list, will be released on February 21. Parents can keep their complaints from February 22 to February 28 regarding this list. The third list will be released on March 15, if needed. The admission process will close on March 31.

9. Circular has been issued for all entry level classes- Nursery, KG and Class-1. There in no event will the admission process be kept away from this schedule.

10. Every school will have to submit the schedule notice board and website and submit admission form till 7th January. The registration fee will not be more than 25 rupees and the prospectus will take the prospects.

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