Synonyms: bracing, exhilarating

Antonyms: boring, dull

Example :

There is nothing like an invigorating shower after a long day at work.

2. EVADE (VERB): avoid

Synonyms: bypass, circumvent

Antonyms: confront, encounter

Example :

You can’t evade your duties.


Synonyms: amassed, assorted

Antonyms: similar, unvaried

Example :

The conglomerate views its collection of profitable shops.

4. CONSOLIDATION (NOUN): combination

Synonyms: merger, unification

Antonyms: dispersal, separation

Example :

The growth of railways has been accompanied by the consolidation of small independent ventures into large groups.

5. BUFFET (VERB): hit repeatedly

Synonyms: batter, clobber

Antonyms: pull, surrender

Example :

She was buffeted by her best friend.

6. VIE (VERB): compete

Synonyms: contend, strive

Antonyms: assist, support

Example :

The competitive twins often vie for the attention of their parents.

7. SUPERSEDE (VERB): annul

Synonyms: overrule, repudiate

Antonyms: keep, retain

Example :

The federal court decision will supersede the decision of the lower court.

8. IMBUED (VERB): inculcate

Synonyms: infuse, instill

Antonyms: drain, take out

Example :

By giving out loans, the bank hoped to imbue new homeowners with a sense of hope in the future.

9. LEEWAY (NOUN): room to move

Synonyms: extent, headway

Antonyms: constraint, restriction

Example :

The judge has a lot of leeway in deciding matters in court.

10. PUNITORY (NOUN): disciplinary

Synonyms: penal, punishing

Antonyms: beneficial, rewarding

Example :

I will have to take punitory actions against him now.

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