1. CATHARTIC (VERB): purging

Synonyms: cleaning, purgative

Antonyms: dirtying, soiling

Example :

The strength of the movie had a cathartic effect on her.

2.CIRCUITOUS(ADJECTIVE): going around, indirect

Synonyms: devious, circular

Antonyms: direct, straightforward

Example :

He took a circuitous route to avoid traffic.

3.VENALITY(NOUN): corruptness

Synonyms: dishonesty, sordidness

Antonyms: morality, probity

Example :

The venality of a judge led innocent to the prison.

4. ANALOGOUS (ADJECTIVE): agreeing, similar

Synonyms: related, akin

Antonyms: unrelated, unlike

Example :

The brain and the Acme 1000 supercomputer are analogous to each other.

5. PERVICACIOUS (ADJECTIVE): extremely willful

Synonyms: stubborn, obstinate

Antonyms: flexible, compliant

Example :

He became quite pervicacious in his old age.

6. ACCOUTREMENT (NOUN): supplement

Synonyms: extra, addition

Antonyms: reduction, subtraction

Example :

He was carrying various documents in accoutrement to the primary one.

7. DECIDUOUS (ADJECTIVE): not around for long

Synonyms: brief, short-term

Antonyms: lasting, perpetual

Example :

The fire created a deciduous outlook for the company.

8.PEDANTIC(ADJECTIVE): bookish, precise

Synonyms: pompous, abstruse

Antonyms: informal, simple

Example :

His approach to complete things is pedantic.

9.VEXATIOUS(ADJECTIVE): distressing, bothersome

Synonyms: annoying, disappointing

Antonyms: aiding, assisting

Example :

Her ex-husband put her in a vexatious situation.

10.DEMURE(ADJECTIVE): reserved, affected

Synonyms: prim, reticent

Antonyms: bold, brave

Example :

Despite her demure appearance, she is an accomplished mountain climber.

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