1. CEDE (VERB): acknowledge

Synonyms: accept, admit

Antonyms: deny, refuse

Example :

The police will have to concede to the kidnapper’s demands to free the hostages.


Synonyms: utter, absolute

Antonyms: partial, incomplete

Example :

He was paid for the downright service.

3. FRILL (NOUN): convenience

Synonyms: service, facility

Antonyms: discomfort, inconvenience

Example :

He presses the bell for the wi-fi frill.

4. BACKING (NOUN): assistance

Synonyms: ministration, help

Antonyms: obstruction, hindrance

Example :

I need your backing this time.

5. INANITY (NOUN): truism

Synonyms: banality, cliché

Antonyms: coinage, original saying

Example :

Your inanity is meaningless and does nothing for Ayush’s anger.

6. BOWDLERIZE (VERB): censor

Synonyms: sterilize, decontaminate

Antonyms: make dirty, contaminate

Example :

The book was so upsetting it would take the author months to bowdlerize it and make it fit for sensitive eyes.


Synonyms: ghoulish, ghastly

Antonyms: jaunty, chirpy

Example :

Police have made a morbid discovery.

8. BRUISE (VERB): distort

Synonyms: contort, deform

Antonyms: beautify, repair

Example :

The body of the victim was bruised beyond recognition.

9. EXTOL (VERB): glorify

Synonyms: applaud, celebrate

Antonyms: castigate, criticize

Example :

He extolled the virtues of the Russians.

10. BARMY (ADJECTIVE): foolish

Synonyms: waggish, superficial

Antonyms: intelligent, sensible

Example :

He is such a barmy man.

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