1.STYGIAN(ADJECTIVE): dark, inky

Synonyms: clouded, brunet, Antonyms: optimistic, hopeful

Example: It was a stygian night.

2.TOUT(VERB): brag about, show off

Synonyms: publicize, trumpet, Antonyms: blame, condemn

Example: A liberal group supporting the opposition tried to tout their pro-middle class.

3.ELLIPSIS(NOUN): abbreviation

Synonyms: abstract, shortness, Antonyms: elongate, prolong

Example: This letter is full of ellipsis.

4.EXTIRPATION(NOUN): extermination

Synonyms: annihilation, destruction, Antonyms: construction, formation

Example: After the extirpation of the Indians, the labor of African slaves was introduced.


Synonyms: dandified, natty, Antonyms: non-fashionable, boring

Example: He always dress-up in a foppish way.

6.GAFFE(NOUN): mistake, goof

Synonyms: blooper, blunder, Antonyms: correction, edition

Example: The gaffe created a furor in the scientific community, which attacked the publication for flawed and faulty research.

7.MINATORY(ADJECTIVE): threatening

Synonyms: alarming, dangerous, Antonyms: pleasing, harmless

Example: And now we know for all time that these countless scolding and minatory voices were not mere angry units, but that they were in.

8.PLUMB(ADJECTIVE): vertical

Synonyms: perpendicular,straight, Antonyms: horizontal, flat

Example: The plumb lines near the well were for protection.


Synonyms: ultimate, ideal, Antonyms: secondary, flawed

Example: But in reality, he is the quintessential example of how India corrupts.

10.RUNIC(ADJECTIVE): bewitching, charming

Synonyms: charismatic, enchanted,  Antonyms: normal, unmoving

Example: My uncle looked keenly at the document for some moments and then declared that it was

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