1. TITANIC (VERB): gigantic, very large

Synonyms: colossal, enormous, Antonyms: small, tiny

Example : The slugger launched a titanic home run that landed in the parking lot beyond the stadium’s center-field wall.

2. PSEUDONYM (NOUN): false name

Synonyms: alias, stage name, Antonyms: real name, original

Example : Instead of using his real name, Edward signed his letter to the editor with the pseudonym “Jack Cramer.


Synonyms: assorted, manifold, Antonyms: homogenous, similar

Example : John listed his multifarious interests and activities on his college application.

4. IMPUNITY (NOUN): freedom

Synonyms: exemption, liberty, Antonyms: prohibition, denial

Example : Penalties for breaking the law can be made harsher, but without extra funding for its enforcement, people will continue to violate it with impunity.

5. ESCULENT (ADJECTIVE): fit to be eaten

Synonyms: consumable, eatable, Antonyms: inedible, uneatable

Example : Morels are esculent mushrooms and are delicious, but be warned that there are also false morels, which are poisonous.

6. FULGENT (ADJECTIVE): dazzling

Synonyms: bright, luminous, Antonyms: dull, dark

Example : The area had recently received a rare dousing of rain, and Maureen and I looked down on a fulgent foreshore as green as ripe limes.

7. ADDUCE (VERB): affirm

Synonyms: illustrate, prove, Antonyms: hide, conceal

Example : At the trial, a number of factors were adduced to explain the situation.

8. DISJUNCTURE (NOUN): separation

Synonyms: detachment, division, Antonyms: connection, marriage

Example : For the President of America, gun rights could be the classic example of the disjuncture between campaigning and governing.


Synonyms: buttery, insincere, Antonyms: sincere, mature

Example : Jim seems to mistake his own oleaginous demeanor for charm.

10. ESURIENT (ADJECTIVE): desiring excessively

Synonyms: eager, impatient, Antonyms: generous, liberal

Example : No one was surprised that the esurient media planned to expand his empire into the social- media marketplace.

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