1. PONTIFICATE (VERB): sermonize

Synonyms: admonish, dogmatize Antonyms: praise, applaud

Example : He loves to hear himself talk and will often pontificate on even the most trivial issues.

2. BROMIDE (NOUN): platitude

Synonyms: cliché , banality Antonyms: coinage, original saying

Example : Years of coal mining and natural gas extraction have elevated the concentration of

bromides in the river.

3. DISTEMPER (NOUN): disorder

Synonyms: affliction, ailment Antonyms: health, healer

Example : Excessive distemper should not be practiced.

4. TINTINNABULATION (NOUN): loud ringing

Synonyms: chime, jingle Antonyms: silence, peace

Example : The tintinnabulation that could be heard throughout the village was from the church on the common announcing morning services.


Synonyms: northward, arctic Antonyms: southward, Antarctic

Example : When he tired of the long, septentrional winters of New England, Grandfather retired to Florida.


Synonyms: assured, confident Antonyms: pessimistic, uncertain

Example : This is simply a Panglossian idea.

7. ANABASIS (NOUN): forward movement

Synonyms: advance, progress Antonyms: hinder, backward

Example : Reluctantly, the general ordered a hasty anabasis in the face of overwhelming opposing


8. CAITIFF (NOUN):coward

Synonyms: scoundrel, louse Antonyms: brave, bold

Example : A woman was killed by a caitiff.

9. CRENEL (NOUN): scrape

Synonyms: indentation, incision Antonyms: increase, bulge

Example : Leaning into a crenel between two square merlons , he took a deep breath of relief.

10. FLAPDOODLE (ADJECTIVE): ridiculous situation or behaviour

Synonyms: craziness, foolishness Antonyms: intelligence, judgement

Example : You’re the last man I ever expected to hear that kind of flapdoodle from.

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