1. TATTERED (ADJECTIVE): Ragged: (फाड़ डाला हुआ)

Synonyms: shabby, damaged

Antonyms: healed, mended

Example Sentence: He is wearing a torn shirt.

2. PREREQUISITE (ADJECTIVE): Essential: (जरूरी)

Synonyms: necessary, expedient

Antonyms: secondary, inessential

Example Sentence: Reading questions is prerequisite to solve the passage.

3. APPREHENSION (NOUN): Understanding: (ग्रहणशक्ति)

Synonyms: awareness, perception

Antonyms: ignorance, calmness

Example Sentence: Deep apprehension is required in solving the puzzle.

4. HOVER (VERB): Waver: (मंडराना)

Synonyms: drift, fly

Antonyms: rest, settle

Example Sentence: Clouds were hovering in the sky.

5. SENILE (ADJECTIVE): Aged : (बूढ़ा)

Synonyms: anile, decrepit

Antonyms: young, alert

Example Sentence: He was looking senile in pictures.

6. PROPAGANDA (NOUN): Information that is designed to mislead: (प्रचार)

Synonyms: disinformation, indoctrination

Antonyms: truth, facts

Example Sentence: That video which went viral was just his propaganda.

7. ENCAPSULATE (VERB): Encase: (डिब्बे में रखना)

Synonyms: enclose, cover

Antonyms: uncover, unwrap

Example Sentence: Robbers encapsulated all the cash.

9. VAGARY (NOUN): Usually a light hearted adventure: (मौज)

Synonyms: mischief, escapade

Antonyms: seriousness, gravity

Example Sentence: The little vagary at the mainland cost him life.

10 WAYLAY (VERB): Stop or interrupt (someone) : (ताक में रहना)

Synonyms: hold up, ambush

Antonyms: proceed, continue

Example Sentence: The police officer stepped in front of the distraught woman to waylay her before she reached the crime scene.

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