A study conducted at the global level has revealed that even today, as an alternative to career, Indian’s first choice is teaching. UK has conducted this study by an institution named Varkey Foundation. The results of ‘Global Teacher Status Index (GTSI) 2018 study’ have been released on Thursday. This study has been done to understand how people in the society see how to pursue a career in teaching? It has been decided to interact with people of 35 countries.

This is revealed in India as a career in learning about the craze of teaching. Through this study it has been found that more than half of our people still consider teaching career as the best for themselves and their children. About 54 per cent Indians regarded Teaching as the best career even today, despite all the professions. This figure is highest in all 35 countries. In the matter of choice of teaching, the number of people in China is followed by Indians. 50 per cent of Chinese people like to be teachers.

In this case UK is far behind the Indians. Only 23 per cent of people like the teaching of teaching here. While only 6 percent of Russians have a similar population, they want to choose Teaching as a career.

Through this index, it has also been found that the performance of the students depends largely on the teacher’s status. Organizations for Economic Cooperation and Development Program for International Student Assessment

Sarki Varkey, founder of Varkey Foundation, said, “When we studied this type five years ago, the results were very serious. Teachers from all over the world have been falling as teachers now fall. Then we felt that we should prepare teachers who can help them to improve their future.

In this study, 16 to 64 years of people were included and about 5500 teachers were also spoken. It has also been found in the survey that over three quarters (77%) Indians believe that in their country students respect their teachers.

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