If you want to do any course of MBA or Business Management from any university abroad, you will need to clear the GMAT test for this. Learn about registration, how to do GMAT test, etc.

GMAT is a computer adaptive test that assesses a candidate’s ability to read and speak along with writing ability in Standard English. GMAT’s full name is the Graduate Management Admission Test. This is given for taking admission in graduate management programs like MBA or Master in Finance at Foreign universities. GMAT score is recognized in more than 114 countries.

Make one thing clear that GMAT is a computer adaptive test and not a computer based test. A computer adaptive test means that a candidate is given a first question. If he gives the correct answer to that question, then he is given a more difficult question. If given incorrect answer, then it is given easy questions. Universities are enrolled on the basis of the score obtained in the test. Every university requires different scores. The top-level university needs to have at least 710 scores, while mid-level universities also enroll in 600 scores.

What is the Executive Assessment Exam?

Recently a small GMAT has been started for the Executive MBA, which is called the Executive Assessment Examination. It is specially designed for EMBA and is a short-term test. In this, only analytical and logical thinking ability of the applicant is examined.

Latest updates about GMAT 2018 :-

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) has reduced GMAT’s test period by 30 minutes, which has been effective from 16th April, 2018. The new exam will last for three and a half hours. Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Sections have been reduced to 13 and 10 minutes respectively.

GMAT 2018 Fees :-

GMAT fees are $ 250, which is about 15,000 to 16,000 in Indian currency. If the application wants to change the center of the test or date of the test, then it has to pay an additional $ 50.

GMAT 2018 Registration :-

GMAT registration can be done for years. Registration can be done both online and offline. To be registered online, login to GMAT’s official website Register page and fill out the necessary details. After this, fees will have to be paid. It can also be registered through phone or post.

Eligibility for GMAT 2018 (GMAT 2018 Eligibility Criteria) :-

GMAT exam is conducted by GMAC. No limit on eligibility has been fixed for this. After clearing the GMAT, Criteria which wants to enroll in a university / college will have to be completed.

Age range (GMAT 2018 Age Criteria) :-

Candidate has completed the age of at least 18 years. There is no maximum limit of age. If the candidate is between 13 to 17 years of age, then they will have to get written in writing from their parent or legal guardian.

Educational Qualification (GMAT 2018 Qualification Required) :-

GMAC has not issued any official information regarding educational qualification to sit in GMAT. Candidate who wants to enroll in the MBA program should have a graduate degree in any discipline from a recognized university.

GMAT Pattern :-

There are mainly four sections in the GMAT exam. Those four sections are analytical writing assessment, integrated realization, quintitative and verbal.

GMAT Result :-

Candidates can get their GMAT results only after the exam is over. Candidate has the right to accept or reject it. If the result is accepted, then the candidates can see the results. If the candidate rejects the result then no one will be able to see the result of GMAT.

Give the exam again or change the date of the exam (Rescheduling and Retaking GMAT Exam) :-

To change the date of the examination, it can be done through two mediums. Change date from online or phone seven days before exam. For this, an extra fee of $ 50 will be given. If the date of the examination changes after 7 days then the additional $ 250 will be given. Keep in mind that the date can not be changed on the day the exam is conducted.

If you want to take the exam again, you can give the exam for 16 days after the date of the exam. Can give exams 5 times a year. The period of one year will be calculated from the date when you first took the exam and not from that year As if for the first time you passed the examination on August 1, one year term for you will end on July 31 next year and not on December 31 this year.

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