1. PENANCE (NOUN): repentance

Synonyms: retribution, penitence

Antonyms: happiness, joy

Example Sentence:

The man gave away all of his money to charity as penance for his greed.

2. INFILTRATE (VERB): penetrate

Synonyms: permeate, percolate

Antonyms: evaporate, dry

Example Sentence:

Cold air would infiltrate the foyer due to a draft caused by a space under the front door.


Synonyms: demanding, exhausting

Antonyms: easy, facile

Example Sentence:

Writing thousands of sentences is a very strenuous task.

4. REPRIEVE (NOUN): relief of blame

Synonyms: abatement, clemency

Antonyms: charge, punish

Example Sentence:

To everyone’s surprise, the convict received a reprieve from the governor of his state.

5. HAUNT (VERB): annoy

Synonyms: appall, terrify

Antonyms: comfort, settle

Example Sentence:

She started haunting me in the middle of nowhere.

6. CURT (ADJECTIVE): succinct

Synonyms: brusque, concise

Antonyms: lengthy, long winded

Example Sentence:

She made a curt statement in the meeting.

7. LIVENING (VERB): enliven

Synonyms: bring to life, excite

Antonyms: stop, dead

Example Sentence:

Things really started livening up at about 11pm.


Synonyms: emphatic, exemplify

Antonyms: insignificant, unimportant

Example Sentence:

His insistent nature would cost him fatal retribution someday.

9. BROOD (VERB): agonize over

Synonyms: grieve, sulk

Antonyms: neglect, ignore

Example Sentence:

He was brooding over such a trivial issue.

10. AVANT GARDE (ADJECTIVE): unconventional

Synonyms: liberal, progressive

Antonyms: conservative, conventional

Example Sentence:

When the designer introduced his avant-garde fashion line made out of yarn, he puzzled quite a few critics.

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