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New English Words Synonyms & Antonyms For Preparing Exam 14 September 2018

1. BOURGEOIS (ADJECTIVE): commonplace :(मध्यमवर्गीय) Synonyms: materialistic, philistine Antonyms: adventurous, imaginative Example Sentence: He is from a bourgeois family. 2. ABOMINABLE (ADJECTIVE): loathsome :(घृणास्पद) Synonyms: abhorrent, atrocious Antonyms: desirous, pleasing Example Sentence: It was such an abominable sight. 3. AMBIGUITY (NOUN): uncertainty of meaning :(संदिग्धता) Synonyms: doubt, vagueness Antonyms: clarity, certainty Example Sentence: The students detect no ambiguity in the speech delivered…

New English Words Synonyms & Antonyms For Preparing Exam 07 September 2018

1. TATTERED (ADJECTIVE): Ragged: (फाड़ डाला हुआ) Synonyms: shabby, damaged Antonyms: healed, mended Example Sentence: He is wearing a torn shirt. 2. PREREQUISITE (ADJECTIVE): Essential: (जरूरी) Synonyms: necessary, expedient Antonyms: secondary, inessential Example Sentence: Reading questions is prerequisite to solve the passage. 3. APPREHENSION (NOUN): Understanding: (ग्रहणशक्ति) Synonyms: awareness, perception Antonyms: ignorance, calmness Example Sentence: Deep apprehension is required in solving the puzzle….

New English Words Synonyms & Antonyms For Preparing Exam 06 September 2018

1. PORTLINESS (NOUN): overweight : (मोटापन) Synonyms: adiposity, corpulence Antonyms: slimness, thinness Example Sentence: They adopt surgical procedures for portliness. 2. REVAMP (ADJECTIVE): renovate: (सुधार) Synonyms: overhaul, refurbish Antonyms: ruin, damaged Example Sentence: Siya revamped her dream-catcher hanging beside her bed. 3. RESPITE (NOUN): pause: (राहत) Synonyms: breather, downtime Antonyms: advance, continuation Example Sentence: Sanjana gave a sudden respite amid the conversation. 4….

New English Words Synonyms & Antonyms For Preparing Exam 04 September 2018

1. RAVE (VERB): talk endlessly : (बड़बड़ाना) Synonyms: babble, gabble Antonyms: be quiet, be silent Example Sentence: Nancy was raving about a black ghost. 2. SKIRT (VERB): dodge. : (टालना) Synonyms: avoid, evade Antonyms: confront, encounter Example Sentence: Sumeir and Mayra are both skirting the issue. 3. WAIVE (VERB): stop : (रोकना) Synonyms: let go, give up Antonyms: carry out, continue Example…

New English Words Synonyms & Antonyms For Preparing Exam 03 September 2018

1.COMMEMORATE (VERB): recall or show respect for : (पुण्यस्मरण करना) Synonyms: memorize, celebrate Antonyms: ignore, neglect Example Sentence: All players will receive a championship ring to commemorate the team’s amazing season. 2. UNRIVALLED (ADJECTIVE): never done or known before: (अभूतपूर्व) Synonyms: bizarre, unique Antonyms: common, familiar Example Sentence: Before the storm, there was an unrivalled demand for food supplies that left many…

New English Words Synonyms & Antonyms For Preparing Exam 02 September 2018

1. UNRUFFLED (ADJECTIVE): (शान्त): calm Synonyms: composed, unflappable Antonyms: upset, worried Example Sentence: Satvik was looking unruffled. 2. CONFLUENCE (NOUN): (संधि-स्थल): coming together Synonyms: assemblage, junction Antonyms: division, separation Example Sentence: This Garden is located at the confluence of four rivers. 3. REBUT (VERB): (खंडन करना): deny Synonyms: quash, disapprove Antonyms: allow, approve Example Sentence: Ambuj had to rebut charges of acting….

New English Words Synonyms & Antonyms For Preparing Exam 01 September 2018

1. GALLANT (ADJECTIVE): courageous : (बहादुर) Synonyms: brave, fearless Antonyms: afraid, fearful Example Sentence: Shivi is a gallant lady. 2. FREAK (NOUN): aberration : (सनकी) Synonyms: anomaly, oddity Antonyms: conformity, normality Example Sentence: The teacher says the accident was a total freak. 3. DISCOURSE (NOUN): communication : (बातचीत) Synonyms: dialogue, conversation Antonyms: quiet, silence Example Sentence: This is the language of political discourse….

New English Words Synonyms & Antonyms For Preparing Exam 28 Aug 2018

1. GLOSS OVER (VERB): fail to do : (उपेक्षा) Synonyms: bypass, disregard Antonyms: attend, regard Example Sentence: Shreyansh handed over the résumé that glossed over the applicant’s lack of experience. 2. SOOTHE (VERB): calm : Synonyms: allay, appease Antonyms: aggravate, agitate Example Sentence: He tried his best to soothe his wife. 3. DULCIFY (VERB): pacify : (शांत करना) Synonyms: assuage, curb Antonyms:…

New English Words Synonyms & Antonyms For Preparing Exam 27 Aug 2018

1. ROGUISH (ADJECTIVE): deceitful : (धोखेबाज) Synonyms: devilish, playful Antonyms: real, valid Example Sentence: What a roguish pair of eyes! 2. CONTEMPTUOUS (ADJECTIVE): arrogant : (तिरस्कारपूर्ण) Synonyms: disdainful, haughty Antonyms: humble, praising Example Sentence: He is a very contemptuous person. 3. CHEEKY (ADJECTIVE): impudent : (निर्लज्ज) Synonyms: bold, brash Antonyms: afraid, fearful Example Sentence: What will you do cheeky boy? 4. MEEK (ADJECTIVE):…

New English Words Synonyms & Antonyms For Preparing Exam 26 Aug 2018

1. INEQUITY (NOUN): unfairness: (असमता) Synonyms: injustice, partiality Antonyms: equity, fairness Example Sentence: We are not doing inequity with the employees. 2. DEVASTATING (ADJECTIVE): highly destructive or damaging: (भयानक) Synonyms: calamitous, disastrous Antonyms: blessed, fortunate Example Sentence: The devastating effects of these civil wars were most disastrous to the trade. 3. EXPLOITATION (NOUN): misuse: (शोषण) Synonyms: ill-treatment, wringing Antonyms: hospitable,…